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Unlimited ReMinders from RoadMinders - Anywhere, Anytime, Any Device. Absolutely Free.

By helping you stay on top of personal and transportation-related deadlines, including quarterly & annual tax filings, license & permit renewals, and much, much more, RoadMinders makes sure that you can stay on the road without falling behind.

Why is RoadMinders important for truckers?

RoadMinders is the tool that transportation professionals have been waiting for. With RoadMinders, you can:

Set reminders for all truck deadlines that apply to your business. It's as easy as one swipe.

Customize the type and frequency of your reminders.

Add personal reminders for your vehicle maintenance, invoice due dates, or anything else you need to remember.

Why RoadMinders?

Alerts for Trucking Deadlines

Leave late filing fees in the dust with RoadMinders!

Personal Reminders

Get the most out of RoadMinders by adding personal reminders for things like truck maintenance, bills, doctor's appointments, and anything else you could think of!

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Never miss a OOIDA event

Get all the announcements for events and tips straight to your phone without having to worry about missing a thing.

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Once you download the RoadMinders app, you'll never have to miss an important deadline again. Wherever you are, whatever you're doing, RoadMinders makes sure that you remember what's important.